Oranjestad, Aruba March 31, 2018:  Today, the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) announced its recognition of the Functional Fitness Federation Aruba (FFFA) as the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in Aruba.

William Erasmus, President of Aruba Federation, announced,  “We at FFFA are very excited that Aruba is now a member of the iF3 family. We already started last year by organizing a big national Functional Fitness Competition and using this experience to develop different training programs for judges and athletes. We are going to do our utmost best to create opportunities for our athletes to show case their abilities and then represent our One Happy Island.”

For the upcoming Year we at FFFA plan to compete with a national team at the World Championships held by the International Functional Fitness Federation, in October of 2018, in London. We already have a plan set with different competitions during the year. Aspiring national team athletes would need to compete in these events in order to fall under a ranking system. Being able to represent Aruba at the iF3 championship event would be a great prize for the Functional Fitness Athletes of Aruba .” 

The Aruba Federation is looking to send a contingent of athletes to compete at the International Functional Fitness World Championships October 5-7, 2018 in London, England. The competition will feature team and individual competition from athletes all over the world.  More information about the work of the Aruba Federation is available at Instagram: @F3Aruba

Erasmus expressed his excitement about the announcement of the Federation and the future of the sport by saying “it took us months to reach this pinnacle point and now the fun starts. LESGO!”

Gretchen Kittelberger, Head of the International Functional Fitness Federation, commented, “We are honored to add the Aruba Federation to our growing family of national governing bodies. Aruba was one of the very first nations to express interest in establishing a national federation, and their team has been on board with our vision and goals since day one.”

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Functional Fitness Federation Aruba (FFFA): FFFA is the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in Aruba. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Oranjestad. For more information please visit @F3Aruba on Instagram

International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3): iF3 is the international governing body for competitive functional fitness. iF3 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers who work to serve the best interests of the sport and athletes. To learn more about iF3, or to donate, please visit: www.functionalfitnessfederation.org  or https://www.crowdrise.com/international-functional-fitness-federation

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