Today the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) announced it has entered into an agreement with the Swedish company Boxpeak. Boxpeak offers many services including management services for gyms and competitions as well as their recent addition of management systems for Federations.

Gretchen Kittelberger, President of the International Functional Fitness Federation, stated “We are very excited about this relationship with BoxPeak. There really is no one in the functional fitness space right now which is offering the type of federation management services they are able to offer to our National Federations. We are also particularly excited about the future possibilities for developing a robust international database and ranking system for our judges as well as international leaderboards to track athlete performance across a season.”

Marcus Herou, Founder of Boxpeak, commented “I think this partnership can prove to be vital for the evolution of the sport of Functional Fitness. For BoxPeak having a partner like the iF3 is of immense value to the company and I believe we can aid iF3 in getting traction by delivering exactly the tools needed. We will not sit back and be a delivery organisation. We have always been and will always be on the bleeding edge.  We who run BoxPeak are true followers of the sport of Functional Fitness so being able to help from within brings joy on many levels

Several of the iF3’s National Federations have already chosen to use BoxPeak to develop their National Membership and Licensing Programs. BoxPeak will also handle the leaderboard and scoring system for the iF3 World Championships in London, England in October.

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BoxPeak is based in Sweden and provides gym, Federation, and competition management services. For more information on BoxPeak please visit


The International Functional Fitness Federation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving as the international governing body for competitive functional fitness. Their mission is to promote and grow the sport around the world by striving to improve fairness, safety, and integrity in the sport as well as increasing sporting opportunities for athletes, coaches, judges, and spectators. They have an ultimate goal of achieving GAISF and IOC recognition and eventual inclusion on the Olympic Program. Learn more at or follow them @internationalfunctionalfitnessfederation on facebook and @internationalfunctionalfitness on instagram .

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