July 16, 2019: Last week the International Functional Fitness Federation announced the movements that will be included in the Skill test for the individual competition at iF3 Worlds in Malmo, Sweden next month. Due to some new and unique movements and combinations in this test, the iF3 felt it was in the best interest of the athletes to announce the movements early, giving the athletes ample time to practice. The exact rep scheme and test flow will be released in early August.

The following movements are a part of the Individual Skill test at Worlds:

  1. Kettlebell Get-Up (40kg/28kg)
  2. Bar Complex of: 1 Pull-over + 1 Toes to Bar + 1 Chest to Bar + 1 Bar Muscle-up
  3. Handstand Walk + Full (360 Degree) Pirouette + Handstand Walk

Full Movement Standards for each of these movements are available at https://functionalfitness.sport/sport/2019-movement-standards/

Remember it is each athlete’s responsibility to fully read and understand the movement standards on the iF3 Website. However, the iF3 aims to provide athletes with as much clarity as possible when legitimate questions do arise. Below are some clarifying points on the standards for each of the movements in the Skill test.

Kettlebell Get-Up

The Kettlebell Get-Up will start and finish in a standing position.

Men will use a 40kg kettlebell and women will use a 28kg kettlebell.

Bar Complex

The Pull-over has a chin over bar requirement at the start of the repetition, meaning at the beginning of the rep your chin must rise above the bar before your feet come over the top of the bar.

You must lock out your arms on your Pull-over on top of the bar at the end of the repetition.

The technique of performing a chest to bar directly from the toes to bar without lowering the feet (sometimes called a “double touch”) will NOT be considered a good repetition. The iF3 movement standards for pull-up variations requires that the athlete start the repetition in a vertical hang. When an athlete begins a Chest to Bar repetition from the top or end position of a Toes to Bar they never pass through a vertical hang, and therefore this style of performing the complex does not meet the movement standards as written. The athlete must pass through a vertical hanging position with fully extended arms as they begin the Chest to Bar repetition.

Handstand Walk with Full Pirouette

Athletes will be required to pirouette both to the right and to the left during this test.

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