October 22, 2019: Today the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) announced the establishment of a Continental Commission which will help to unite the iF3 National Federation Members on each continent in order to grow the sport more quickly.

After a nomination and voting process the following individuals have been selected to the Continental Commission:

The Americas: Bruno Fornari (Brazil) 

Western Europe: Alex Schenk (Switzerland)

Eastern Europe (also assisting in Asia): Sergey Eremin (Russia)

Asia: Mark Soo (China)

Africa (also assisting with the Middle East/Arab Region): Adam Elzoghby (Egypt)

Oceania: Mel Robinson (Australia) 


The intention of the Commission is to facilitate growth of the sport on each continent and pave the way for future opportunities such a continental championships, increased youth athlete development programs, and joint activities among National Federations. The Commission will also act as a conduit for the National Federations when communicating to the iF3 Board of Directors.

Congratulations to all Commission members on their selection.

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