November 4, 2019: Today the International Functional Fitness announced a new partnership with WeTime. WeTime is a fitness video timer application, which allows athletes to record and time their workouts without having to struggle to fit an external timer into the frame.

The partnership will allow each National Federation of the iF3 to have a permanent profile on WeTime and create custom timers for all their qualifier workouts and tests. Athletes will also have the ability to follow these profiles and get notified when events are released. Every athlete who takes part in a National Federation qualifier will also receive a free month of WeTime Premium.

iF3 President, Gretchen Kittelberger expressed her excitement about the partnership saying, “One of our goals at the iF3 is to continue to provide excellent resources to our National Federations so that they can continue to thrive and grow the sport in their respective countries. This partnership with WeTime does just that, and allows us to provide our National Federations with another tool to help increase the quality of their events and the benefits they are able to offer to the athletes. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with WeTime.”

WeTime CEO, Pablo Monzon, commented, “What Gretchen, her team, and the iF3 Federations around the world have set themselves to achieve is truly remarkable. I can’t think of anything more exciting and monumental than the quest to elevate a sport to the Olympic level.

At WeTime we feel privileged to be part of this historic journey and look forward to provide our partners with every tool, existing and in development, to help them succeed in their goal.”

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