December 5, 2019: The International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) is excited to announce it has been formally approved as a member of the The Association For International Sport For All (TAFISA). The iF3’s membership application was formally approved at the recent General Assembly held during the 26th TAFISA World Congress on November 15th, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

TAFISA is the leading international sport for all organization and aims to create a better world through sport for all and global physical activity. TAFISA believes that sport for all and physical activity are basic human rights for all people regardless of sex, age, race, religion, ability level, or socioeconomic background. TAFISA cooperates actively with global change makers such as the UN, WHO, UNESCO, and the IOC in order to accomplish their mission of creating an active world.

Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary General of TAFISA, Member of the IOC Sport & Active Society Commission, and ICSSPE Vice President, commented on the approval of the iF3’s membership application stating, “It is my pleasure to welcome the International Functional Fitness Federation as an official member of the TAFISA Family. TAFISA supports the International Functional Fitness Federation’s willingness and efforts to make more people physically active and for that reason we are excited to work together for the growth of the Global Sport for All Movement.”

iF3 President Gretchen Kittelberger expressed her excitement about joining TAFISA saying, “Our sport is deeply rooted in the belief that quality physical movement and activity leads to healthier behaviors and an improved quality of life. We look forward to working with TAFISA to help further this belief and aid in their pursuit of bringing sporting opportunities and meaningful physical activity to all.”

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The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA): TAFISA is the leading international sport for all organization and aims to create a better world through sport for all and physical activity globally. TAFISA is headquartered in Frankurt am Main, Germany. To learn more about TAFISA please visit:

International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3): iF3 is the international governing body for competitive functional fitness. iF3 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers who work to serve the best interests of the sport and athletes. To learn more about iF3, or to donate, please visit: or

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