The iF3 2020 Teens World Cup is an open competition for athletes ages 13-18 . The competition consists of an online qualifier phase in September followed by a live but virtual final in November.


Any athlete in the following age categories 13-14, 15-16, or 17-18 years of age. Your age category is based on your age as of December 31, 2020.  *Please note athletes who are not members of a National Federation or do not have a National Federation in their country are not eligible for the live final*


Online Qualifier Phase September 1 through 30th 2020

Live Final For the Top 5 in Each Age Bracket November  20-22nd


How it Works

This is an individual competition only.

Online Qualifier Stage: Athletes will complete 4 tests (one in each of the iF3 Youth Individual Medley Test Categories: Endurance, Strength, Skill, and Mixed). All 4 tests will be released at once and athletes may choose when to complete the tests, but all scores must be submitted online by September 30th. Athletes must submit a video of their online test performances.  

Live Final: The top 5 athletes in each age division will be invited to participate in a Live Final via a streaming platform. Athletes will participate from their home gym with a technical official present to count their repetitions, watch for safety faults, and record their scores. Athletes will be required to sign in to the streaming platform and will compete head to head with the other finalists in their age group.

  • The final will be 60-90 mins long and athletes will complete 4 tests in that block of time
  • Tests will be released in advance and athletes will be expected to show up to the final warmed up and with their equipment set up and ready to go. Athletes will be instructed on appropriate equipment configuration.
  • An MC/Announcer will start the athletes on each test and handle the flow of the event.