Lisboa, Portugal February 3, 2020: Today, the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) announced its recognition of the Federação de Fitness Funcional em Portugal as the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in Portugal.

Thiago Galvao, President of the Portuguese Federation, announced, “Today another dream comes true, we feel motivated to take the Federation of Portugal together with IF3 to the highest level of excellence! To paraphrase, Martin Luther King:“If you can not fly, run. If you can not run, walk. If you can not walk, crawl. But keep going anyway.”

He continued explaining that “this year, in addition to structuring the entire Federation, we will focus on the World Master’s Championship that will take place in Lisbon.”

The Portuguese Federation will be aiming to make their first appearance at the iF3 World Championships in 2020. The location of the 2020 World Championships will be held August 21-23 in Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada. More information about the work of the Portuguese Federation is available at

.Galvão expressed his excitement about the future saying: “We will certainly be great!”.

Gretchen Kittelberger, President of the International Functional Fitness Federation, commented, “The Portuguese Federation will make a great addition to the iF3, and we are very pleased to welcome them as our newest member federation. Portugal as a country has a strong sporting tradition, and we look forward to the country embracing functional fitness as a sport as it continues to grow through the work of the Portuguese Federation.”

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The Federação de Fitness Funcional em Portugal is the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in Portugal. It is a non-profit organization headquartered in Barcelos, Portugal. For more information please visit

International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3): iF3 is the international governing body for competitive functional fitness. iF3 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers who work to serve the best interests of the sport and athletes. To learn more about iF3, or to donate, please visit: or

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