iF3 Development Program

The iF3 Development Program is designed to help develop functional fitness sports governance and National Federations in regions of the world that are either new to the sport or currently lack formalized sports governance structures. The program allows event organizers to run events under the iF3 banner and according to iF3 rules.


  • The event must be international in nature. An international event is defined as one where 30% or more of the competitors in at least one competitive category are from outside of the host nation or a competition where competitors from at least 3 different continents are represented. Events that are national in scope may be eligible for services and sanctioning provided by their national federation.
  • Competitive Events must be run using an official iF3 competition format (Medley, Hypermedley, etc) with programming approved by the iF3.
  • Non-competitive events/demonstrations can be run in other formats suitable for demonstrating and explaining the sport but the planned format must be approved by iF3.
  • Events must be run using iF3 Movement Standards and only use movements that are included in that document (exceptions may be made to account for scaled movements for beginner divisions, noncompetitive events, and demonstrations)
  • Any athlete that enters the competition that comes from a country without an iF3 recognized National Federation must attend a meeting and/or send a representative to attend a meeting on their behalf prior to attending the event which will explain what sports governance is, what a national federation is, how to start a national federation, and why sports governance and National Federations are important for the growth and development of the sport.
  • Event Organizer pays a sanctioning fee to iF3.
  • Event Organizer has the option to either pay the travel and accommodations cost for an iF3 staff member to travel to the event to give the Sports Governance presentation or create an environment where the iF3 can give the presentation virtually. The environment must allow all athletes to attend and to see and hear the presentation.
  • Event Organizer is responsible for all event costs, event management, and execution. iF3 does not assist with event management for Development Program Events other than to approve that the programming and format is in line with iF3 rules.
  • Event Organizer must have insurance and list iF3 as an additional insured. Specific insurance requirements will be discussed with the host country.
  • Event Organizer will require all athletes to sign participation and liability waivers which will include a release of liability for iF3. The waiver must also include clauses stating the athlete agrees to abide by iF3 and WADA anti-doping rules, and that any and all disputes will be settled by binding arbitration through the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Participating athletes may be required to have a “B” License with iF3.

Event Organizers interested in having their event as part of the iF3 Development Program should email gretchen@functionalfitnessfederation.org